This page lists publications and presentations from Arch Research.

Griffith: A Storyboarding Tool Designed with Japanese Animation Professionals
Jun Kato, Kenta Hara and Nao Hirasawa, 2024/5. CHI 2024 (Honolulu, USA).
Current global and local condition of anime studies
[Panelist] Ryotaro Mihara, Akiko Sugawa, Shintaro Matsunaga, [Moderator] Tadashi Sudo, 2023/11/26 (Invited Panel). International Manga Anime Festival Reiwa Toshima 2023.
At the forefront of anime R&D: from storyboarding support to look development and game engine utilisation
Yuki Koyama, Akihiro Komiya, Jun Kato, Kunihiro Sakai, Hideki Todo, 2023/8/23 (Invited Session in Japanese). CEDEC 2023 (Hybrid; Yokohama, Japan & Online).
Call for "Anime" Research(er)─Some Interesting Facts about Storyboarding and Beyond
Jun Kato, 2022/8/2 (non-archival invited oral presentation in the CG in Japan session). ACM SIGGRAPH 2022 (Hybrid; Vancouver, CA & Online).
Past, Present, and Future of “Toolsmiths” in Japanese Animation*
Jun Kato in collaboration with Yuki Koyama (Graphinica Inc.), Tatsuo Yotsukura (OLM Digital, Inc.), and Koya Imamura (Toei Animation Co., Ltd.), 2022/6/29 (non-archival oral presentation). SAS 2022 (Middlesbrough, UK & Online).
Griffith: Prototype of A Web-based Tool for Authoring Japanese Anime Storyboards
Jun Kato, Kazuya Murata, Kenta Hara, Satoko Okuno, Tetsushi Suzuki and Nao Hirasawa, 2022/3 (Best Poster Award; non-archival poster presentation). ISID 2022 (Online).
R&D for Anime Production: State-of-the-Art and Future Prospects
Jun Kato, Yuki Koyama, Tatsuo Yotsukura, Koya Imamura, 2021/12/16 (Featured Sessions). ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 (Hybrid; Tokyo, Japan & Online).
How Academics Contribute to Anime's Future
Nao Hirasawa, Jun Kato, Ryotaro Mihara, 2021/9/4 (invited panel). Connichi 2021 (Kassel, Germany; Online).
The Global Expansion of Anime Business
Nao Hirasawa, Masuo Ueda, Tetsuya Watanabe, 2021/6/26 (invited talk). Otaku Summit 2020 (Online).
The Future of Anime Industry through Asia
Ryotaro Mihara, Atsuo Nakayama, 2021/6/26 (invited talk). Otaku Summit 2020 (Online).
Past, Present, and Future of Storyboarding in Japanese Animation*
Jun Kato, Ryotaro Mihara, Nao Hirasawa, 2020/6 2021/6/15 (non-archival oral presentation). SAS 2020 SAS 2021 (New Orleans, LA, USA Online).
Creativity Support for People with Diverse Technical Background
Jun Kato, 2021/3 (invited talk). ISID 2021 (Online).
Research on Anime Storyboards for Individual and Collaborative Creativity
Jun Kato, Ryotaro Mihara, Kazuya Murata, Kenta Hara, Nao Hirasawa, 2021/3 (Best Poster Award; non-archival poster presentation). ISID 2021 (Online).
Animation Technology 2020 Spring*
Tetsushi Suzuki, Jun Kato, Jasmin Dose (Eds.), 2020/3/1 2020/3/7. 技術書典8 (Tokyo, Japan) 技術書典 応援祭.
Animation Technology 2019 Autumn
Tetsushi Suzuki, Jun Kato, Tatsuki Oshima (Eds.), 2019/9/22. 技術書典7 (Tokyo, Japan).
Griffith: A Web-based Tool for Authoring Anime Storyboards
Jun Kato, Kenta Hara, Kazuya Murata, Nao Hirasawa, 2019/6/29. VC 2019 (Tokyo, Japan; non-archival poster presentation).
Animation Technology 2019 Spring
Tetsushi Suzuki, Jun Kato, Yuki Suzuki (Eds.), 2019/4/14. 技術書典6 (Tokyo, Japan).
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